Happy Monday :-)

– and it is! Finally summer!IMG_6096

No, this isn’t one of my first gowns of my white collection – I sewed this Malene Birger inpired dress one or two years ago – though you are right I am about to deal with the first sewing indeed…

– so this is why I remembered this creamy white dress and tried it this morning to see if it still fits. And I must admit I like it more in this little loose fit shape than it was before. Plus – the fabric does not wrinkle so much when it is not that tight. Currently I am thinking about whether I should wear it to go to the theater tomorrow. My next tickets are for a ballet performance – I am looking forward to it already 🙂

Now it is I guess about two to three months ago since I came across Dominique Sachse I recommended to you as well to see her great makeup and hair tutorials on youtube. Now after I have tried a lot of her different techniques and bought a lot of new products for my hair. I ended up doing them pretty similar to how I did them in the past…
Her makeup suggestions worked very well for me and I really developed my new personal makeup style but probably my hair is quite different to hers and so her way to do it is not automatically right for my too. I feel more “me” with more naturally wavy hair and not so much blew out while adding two to three products to get them straight.
Anyhow I learned a lot and I love my shorter hair (the inspiration was by Dominique too) but for normal days like today -sorry – you should get used to see me “wavy” 😉

My DIYs look of the day:
Malene Birger inspired dress (here in a former post)
and my beige embellished leather necklace (the making of the black one)

Heels by French Connection, sunglasses by Dolce and Gabbana, accessoires by Swarovski.

PS: On facebook you can see some snapshots of Saturday before I went to the opera – which has been so great!!!

IMG_6088 IMG_6102 IMG_6105 IMG_6107 IMG_6061 IMG_6063 IMG_6065 IMG_6075 IMG_6077 IMG_6080