Mix and match

IMG_6224… in my particular case unfortunately not 2 for 4€ … 😉
– but instead a great combination of two opposite colors regarding their temperature : Hot terracotta plus ice cold glittering silver.

You fashionistas out there will surely have instantly recognized my gorgeous sexy new heels! I ordered them on yoox to accomplish my look of yesterday – and they arrived exactly when I was out to take my pictures so that I couldn’t wear them with the dress right then. But today they’re still amazing, aren’t they?!IMG_6202

For those of you who don’t have a DIY summer project yet I photographed the back of my knit cardigan so that you might choose such a knitting project due to my special tutorial…? It looks more complicated than it rather really is. Anyway please show me your results if you made something yourself either inspired by me or to inspire me by your draft instead 🙂IMG_6257

My DIYs look of today
Chanel inspired cardigan (its tutorial)
one of my basic T-shirts #4 terracotta (DIYs II N° 17) – and by the way my dress of yesterday is cut according to this pattern as well. I really liked the fitting of the shoulders and those little sleeves…
and my glittering pencil skirt (DIYs I N°27)

perfectly guided by my Dalìgramme bag by Lancel, my new heels by Giancarlo Paoli and shades I inherited from my son 😉IMG_6236 IMG_6233 IMG_6231 IMG_6222 IMG_6219 IMG_6217 IMG_6201

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