Little black dress/The riot of spring

IMG_6264Opposite to what you will certainly have guessed…this was my look I wore for the ballet performance this evening (“Das kleine Schwarze/ Riot of spring” – here you can see the gallery). No black, no dress, but a little “little” 🙂

I gave my very best to finish my creamy white look I wanted to sew so very urgently.
This time I didn’t want to copy the draft of Ermanno Scervino – which is mostly my intention and was when I sewed my dress on Tuesday. Today I only wanted to catch the idea of this look. Therefore I didn’t need to develop completely new patterns but I rather could simply take the ones I already had 🙂 I interpreted it as a very elegant sportive look with some clear refers to sport styles -.
The shorts are a pattern by Burda style and the blouse is the pattern I used for my sweaters several times.
480370103a14d78389802b297e023659I must say, now, this is so much my personal preference of styling, I simply feel great – and felt brilliantly in the theater as well while most of the other women wore black…
I thought about what would Coco Chanel do? (The first part of the performance was about her vita) What would she wear? Certainly something to differ from the rest of the women…so did I!

At the moment it is short before midnight (Friday evening I just returned from the theater) and I am writing this post quickly before I will go to bed. Tomorrow (Saturday) morning I will drive to my middle son to stay with him during the weekend. Probably my post on Monday will therefore be a little later than usual – but I won’t forget you 🙂

In order to this have a wonderful weekend – hopefully sunny – enjoy your life and we’ll see us on Monday.

PS: I will update my list next week and will provide you all the details of my dress and the look of today – but I enjoyed sewing my last two looks more than to accomplish my DIYs list….IMG_6283 IMG_6287 IMG_6292 IMG_6297 IMG_6302 IMG_6268 IMG_6274 IMG_6276 IMG_6281 IMG_6282