Back on my base again…

In this minute, I am returning from my weekend with my middle son. It was quite pity, that constant rain – we expected the weather to be at least a little bit better so that we could have made something outdoors. But rather we were chilling in his new mobile home instead.1465492641489

Last year we helped him to find a true apartment 2 rooms, kitchen bathroom, bought a new kitchen and moved all his furniture from here to there. – And one year later only, he realized that this is so much overdone for him personally (I thought so from the very beginning but who listens to mum’s objection?!).
My middle son is a gypsy at heart, truly! He feels comfortable when he lives more or less directly in the nature and so he moved into this little mobile home two weeks ago.1465492641072

Isn’t that cute? I would also have loved it when I was 19 🙂
In order to that we spent cozy and very relaxing two days together – the situation reminded me to so many camping holidays when the rain crackled on the tent..
I brushed my teeth in the little rivulet next his door and lay my make up in his improvised “powder room” this morning 😉

What a change from his reality back to my blogging reality – great!

My look of the day is simply set of
my last try lilac blouse (its tutorial – the yellow one is exactly the same)
my black embellished leather necklace (its making of)

combined with my very red pants by Strenesse and flats by Pierre Darré.IMG_6329 IMG_6323 IMG_6319 IMG_6316 IMG_6310 IMG_6333