This cute little dress…

IMG_6428…deserves to be shown in a full post again.
Though it seems to be so cute and simple there lies so much work in it indeed! The upper part is more or less an ordinary blouse but the skirt is made by measure. Every single pleat is folded and ironed first and then attached by a seam. As often as I ended up with 110 cm! What has cost me 4 hours! But I can instantly say: This will become one of my very favorites 🙂 It seems to be Chanel influenced. I guess due to the combination of those two colors and its particular shape. But once more Giovanna Battaglia is responsible for my inspiration… When I looked for more inspirations for this huge piles of fabric I bought I came across this dress by Gio – and instantly fell in love with it 🙂488866952 This is why I still postponed the sewing of the coat of my collection. I simply couldn’t wait any longer to possess this dress. Now the work for my creamy white collection is on hold for the next week due to a very important reason:

The next masterpiece I will sew is my daughter’s dress for her prom next week. Therefore I was in Karlsruhe today to look for a suiting fabric – being quite a little tricky. Though my daughter has no experience in sewing she has clear desires and imaginations about how the fabric shall be regardless whether that fabric is good for the dress either…
Finally I bought two…!(Less fatal than to buy two wedding dresses, isn’t it, Martina?!) Both fabrics were not expensive. I had decided in advance not to spend so much money for this dress. Probably she will just exclusively wear it that particular day and that’s it!
So the next few days I will spend for this sewing project and eventually will sew something for me for that evening as well. I will see whether I will have enough time.

My DIYs look of the day is composed by
my dress #2 of my creamy white collection (yesterday evening I updated my list 🙂 so please find it on DIYs list II N°22)
my cover coat – mandatory at 17° C today – where has the sun already gone??? – (DIYs II N°6)

my heels by Gaudi (here the same in rosé and this one in different colors but similar style) and my bag by 8 (similar one by abro or Liebeskind).IMG_6442 IMG_6451 IMG_6456 IMG_6425 IMG_6430 IMG_6434 IMG_6440 IMG_6444