IMG_6472… simple jeans and a black T-shirt are enough!

Do you remember that I told you a few days ago that I would like to wear skinny jeans and high heels and that I would have a look for them in the future?
My daughter solved this by giving me hers! Can you believe this? I am wearing my daughter’s jeans 🙂 So great!

On the other hand – I am just about to sew a dress for her what will bring out her beauty and coolness. I don’t know if I have told you. Mostly she is seen as sweet and cute and she wanted to get rid of this image very urgently. Therefore she dreamed of a look like a Bond girl, cool, stylish and sexy (the last thing not too much…) and glamorous too.
Yesterday I started to prepare the pattern and the first steps of the sewings. It is not so easy like I expected it to be… When I sew gowns for me I can purely follow my “imagination” of the garment and realize what I had in mind. Now I found out that my daughter’s imagination differs from mine… So we are constantly about to find a common solution. In order to that it takes much more time than I planned -!?! I guess this will take me at least two days more.

When I am done I will surely show it to you – it will be gorgeous. And I am glad to offer my daughter this possibility to shine so brightly 🙂

My cool and sexy look of the day
Basic shirt #3 in black (DIYs II N°17)
Beetle jacket (DIYs I N°21)
embellished leather bracelets (read the sewing diary here)

and my “buttom up” (this is it, really!) jeans by Liu Jo an heels by Guess, shades by DvF.

Now I wish you a very nice and lovely weekend. Have some fun and enjoy life! We’ll see us on Monday again 🙂
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