After an excessive sewing mission…

IMG_6553I hope you all had a much more relaxing weekend than me… I was sewing day and night to complete my daughter’s dress – like I told you already.

Innumerous seams have been sewed and separated again. Due to the fact that I only had a few pictures we made when we were in that store a certain recently and due to the fact that our ideas (my daughter’s and mine) of the dress differed – especially combined with my daughter not having any experience in sewing and how this process goes on – it took me the whole weekend to negotiate the way of processing and to finally accomplish the dress yesterday very late at night…

But at the end – the dress looked fabulous and my daughter was happy… – Heureka!
Here a first glance – the rest will come later this week.IMG-20160619-WA0016[1]

And if this would not have been enough sewings – this morning when I arranged my outfit I decided that there was something missing and quickly sewed this lace collar this time in cream white – will also match my creamy white collection in case if it’s necessary 😉

Now my DIYs look of the day:
Last try lilac blouse (same like this)
the shorts of my Scervino set (DIYs II N° 21)
plus my new cream white lace collar (the making is more or less the same like this)

accomplished with my sandals by French Connection and my beloved shades by Dolce and Gabbana, accessoires by Swarovski.IMG_6568 IMG_6592 IMG_6608 IMG_6609 IMG_6559 IMG_6561 IMG_6562 IMG_6564