Summer silk

These little shorts are the last piece of my spring collection in rosé and mauve and silver in this case…

After all that extensive sewing during the weekend I didn’t want to dive into my creamy white summer collection again. Because my next piece will be quite challenging due to the fact that I don’t have a suiting pattern for this – again…!

– additionally, yesterday I really needed to clean the house. Threats and lint were spread in almost every single room…

So I decided to rather accomplish my spring collection by sewing this shorts especially with regard to the weather forecast of 30° C (finally!!!) for the next coming days.

Hence my look of the day is set of
my new embroidered silk shorts (DIYs II N°23)
my wet shimmering silk blouse (DIYs II N°10)
one of my collars (here you can read about the making of the rosé one)

flats by Pierre Darré, little accessoires by Swarovski and that’s it! IMG_6621 IMG_6618 IMG_6646 IMG_6640 IMG_6636 IMG_6635