Playful sporty…


This is also a sewing result of this week: My new playful sporty top with peplum detail.

When I arranged all those piles for my creamy white collection incidentally this grey lurex jersey and the embroidered silk fabric of my shorts of Wednesday came together when I moved all other fabrics aside.

Due to the fact that both garments would not request so much work and diligence and due to the seldom fact that I already had patterns for them 🙂 I accomplished both this Tuesday.

Ideally they are meant to be worn together for a fashionable outfit even for temperatures above 28 degrees. But I also like the looks – especially the one of today – of those two pieces with other fashion gowns of my wardrobe. This is what I always tell you: Invest in a wardrobe of many versatile pieces to be combined one with another. This is stretching the number of outfits tremendously! I already have shown you pictures of my wardrobe/my closet and you see how small it is in reality, though I succeed in showing you new looks – yes, sometimes similar as this is my favorite style 😉 – almost every single day.

In order to that another new look of the day:
My new playful sporty top (DIYs list II N°24)
and simply my baroque glittering pants (DIYs list I N°26)

my little brooch of last year’s orange light blue project by GlanzstĂŒcke Berlin and the bag as well by OONA Berlin, flats by Pierre DarrĂ©, shades DvF.

This humidity in the air makes me crazy – frizz, frizz, frizz…AAAH!

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