May I introduce…

…my little daughter wearing her beautiful dress for her “Abiball” last Saturday.IMG_6782

Like I told you she intended to mimic the style and coolness of a Bond girl, this is what she dreamed of…!

…supported by her big brother playing the part of Bond…

During the last weeks I shared some steps of the process of finding the right gown and realizing it step by step – I can tell you: Every single seam was attached and separated to be revised and attached again. Wow – what a huge task. But totally worth the diligence and effort. She looked amazing and obviously felt great!IMG_6805 IMG_6812 IMG_6811


Though she looks like a young lady – in this picture you can still see the little girl inside …


The original one by Escada – a true dream – would have cost 3000€ (!) and I spent 75€ for the fabric plus 3 days of work… 🙂

To give you some more details: Here you are some of the picture I shot to memorize the making of the dress when we were out on our “research trip” a few weeks ago:
…and those pictures were the only clue I had…
IMAG20942 IMAG2078 IMAG2094