Enjoy every single hour…

… of this “summer” 2016!IMG_6871
This summer is once more like it is – unfortunately – much too often in Germany: Medium warm and very wet… 🙁
Therefore you should enjoy every single moment of it when the sun is shining and the temperatures are nice and warm. You needed to be a little bit more patient today than usual because  I am just returning from having lunch with my husband in a very lovely roof top lounge in Mannheim. It felt like a tiny holiday trip we both enjoyed very much.

The older I become the more I am glad for such escapes from every day routines – though they might be tiny and small – because that’s what life is about: to be lucky and enjoy it!

When I wear such beloved looks like mine of today this is an additional pleasure for me 🙂
composed by
my absolutely favorite lace pants ( DIYs II N°9)
my cover coat (DIYs II N°12)
my rosequartz embellished collar

accomplished with an old printed shirt – love the print!! – my heels by La Peptide and my bag by TSD12, shades by DvF.IMG_6894 IMG_6870 IMG_6855 IMG_6850 IMG_6845 IMG_6842 IMG_6916 IMG_6905 IMG_6897