I don’t know why, but…

…every time when I slip into such bouncing dresses or skirts like today I instantly get this “little girl” feeling. This is great because it lifts me up and I am innocently happy the complete day long 🙂

Eventually this is owed to yesterday afternoon when my husband and me gave a “two people party” in our garden: We sit on the terrace and played some iconic music to sing along with like typical Italo pop songs of the eighties – “Cosy piccola e fragile” , “Un estate italiano” or “Ti amo” or “Volare“, to mention just a few – it was so great!! – and some Oldies but Goldies of the seventies :-))) plus some cocktails – very dangerous mix…!
We had so much fun – hopefully our neighbors enjoyed our music and canto too …?! But nobody complained so far 😉

Doubtlessly, this mood inspired me to grab my playful skirt today to extend this frisky feeling.

Therefore my Look of today is composed of
my skirt in a rush (DIYs II N°15)
my “very me” blouse (DIYs II N° 14)

combined with my heels of La Peptide and my bag by OONA Berlin, shades DvF.IMG_6943 IMG_6949 IMG_6955 IMG_6959 IMG_6962 IMG_6936 IMG_6937 IMG_6941