Mauve and rosé on this rainy Saturday

IMG_7022This is why I use to say – enjoy every single hour of this summer: It’s raining again…!

Just a few days ago I thought of this beautiful sweater and the fact to have not worn it since quite a good time ago. On the other hand, I must admit that I feel so great wearing my new pieces of my creamy white collection – can’t hardly wait to sew on the next pieces next week; especially now that I bought those amazing fabrics at Schumacher’s Friends’ Boutique yesterday (It is still going on today so if you are living nearby don’t hesitate, go and have a look…).

Yesterday I read I statement of Maya Weyhe, a famous – compared to me very – young fashionblogger, about her individual style and that she once realized that oversize clothes work best for her. In my case I can really say those creamy colors and looks I recently sewed work very well for me indeed. I feel so “me” in a way, sportive, feminine and beautiful – and this is what fashion is about to do for you. It is not to follow a trend as Coco Chanel said: The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you…So true!!

But mauve and rosé is also nice for me…wearing my look of the day:
my fashion sweater (DIYs II N°8)
my Guido Maria Kretschmer inspired pants

nothing else needed than a pair of silver flats and very few accessoires – done!

Have the best weekend that’s possible for you, darlings, and Trista Rushing please answer…

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