“Can I help you?”

the man from the garage next to the bus stop asked where I parked my car to take pictures this morning. Obviously he thought (or hoped) I had some problems with my car – sorry, completely wrong. I just shot some pictures 😉IMG_7070

This is the effect an iconic dress in this incredible color can occur…

My husband and me were in Strasbourg at the weekend ideally without having the intention to buy anything – at least no fashion gowns for me… When we passed the shop of Tara Jarmon I liked the clothes in the window and stepped in to get some new inspirations for my last pieces of my creamy white collection. Then I came across this amazing dress, my husband wanted me to try very urgently! When I stepped out of the cabinet he instantly fell in love with me wearing the dress so that he bought it for me under the condition I would wear it immediately for the rest of the day – this wish was really very easy to fulfill 🙂

In order to that my look of today is almost without any DIYs except my embellished leather necklace. The dress is by Tara Jarmon and my heels by Giancarlo Paoli.IMG_7082 IMG_7090 IMG_7094 IMG_7100 IMG_7101 IMG_7106 IMG_7108 IMG_7134 IMG_7065 IMG_7066

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