To be continued…

…my creamy white collection!IMG_7146

Yes, it took a little longer for this post today but I could not have shown you the dress without the pants…or at least I did not want to… 😉
In order to that I first sewed the pants this morning before the shooting.

But I can tell you – this little pants have cost me more nerves than sewing the complete dress yesterday! I tried to master them really perfectly, means also inside, without any visible seams or so.
The challenge was to take only one pocket piece per side so that the material still would stay thin and lightweight. Then I decided to sew a lining inside so that the material – a stretching wool blend  – won’t scratch my skin. And as if this would not have been enough, the zip was located exactly at that point where my imagination of this one piece pocket and the lining got lost…
So I succeeded – let’s say – partially…
Though the fitting of the pants is strictly perfect!!

You might have recognized one fabric by Schumacher I bought last Friday. Ideally I planned to sew long wide leg pants – Marlene style – of it. But after some “if’s” and “should I’s” I suddenly remembered this dress and pants like my orange light blue project – which has been one of my first ideas when I planned to sew this collection. I either kept the magazine with this cover where I took my inspiration from last year.
DIYs II N°25



This time I did some additional research and in fact I found another picture of this dress – probably more like a very long top with open back (?!) – not sure. But honestly, in this case I definitely preferred my idea of the look instead of the original 🙂

Ports 1961 Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos - Vogue:

Therefore my look of the day:
my second set consisting of dress #3 plus short #2 of the creamy white collection inspired by Port 1961 (will be on the DIYs list as soon as possible)

completed by my new heels my husband brought from his last biz trip to the U.S. by Pour La Victoire, shades D&G, bag Lancel, accessoires Swarovski.IMG_7152 IMG_7159 IMG_7166 IMG_7171 IMG_7191 IMG_7223 IMG_7239 IMG_7258 IMG_7143 IMG_7145 IMG_7149 IMG_7150

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  1. … love this dress – the color white I like a lot … For me much nicer than the one you sew in color …

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