How to make a little collection – Part III


After I have come quite far with my creamy white collection I will give you some more background details of how the process of finding the right garments has developed during my work.

I strongly recommend not to stick too close to your initial planning and idea. Things might change, you might receive new and more fresh ideas than the ones you started with. Like in my case this unexpected fabric sale of Schumacher has caused.
Though I was waiting for weeks for their Friends’ Boutique to open – especially to buy the fabric for my daughter’s Abiball dress – I already had skipped the idea of buying fabrics from them. I wasn’t sure whether this would take place at any time this spring. I rather called there to ask without having been given a precise date…

Anyway, though I more or less had made all the planning for the fabrics I have shown you in part I and II I went to Schumacher to see if I could additionally get some little things like buttons or ribbons or some knit pieces or whatever. [By the way I rather had made my planning so far but I wasn’t totally convinced anyhow. Otherwise I wouldn’t have driven to Karlsruhe to buy this perfect fabric for my Ermanno Scervino look…]

Ermanno Scervino look
Ports 1961 look

Also the idea to sew that draft by Ports 1961 I accomplished in orange and light blue last year has not finally been taken – at least not with the cotton fabrics I had ordered. This cotton was perfect for the little Chanel -alike dress #2 as reducing its chic by rather turning it into a very lovely day dress. If I would have taken silk instead it would have become too precious and delicate again so that the possibilities to wear it would automatically have been limited.

Chanel-alike dress #2
Giovanna Battaglia dress #1

The same can be applied for the Giovanna Battaglia inspired dress #1: It is really great for ordinary – not too hot days as it is pretty warm (!) – days. Okay, I could have taken a cotton tweed instead but on one hand it would not necessarily be lighter and on the other hand it would have become much more expensive. I like it so much because of that joy I feel when I am thinking of the fact that it didn’t cost a fortune but looking as if so…:-)

Especially by sewing those two sets, the one inspired by Ermanno Scervino and the one inspired by Ports 1961, my little collection – once again – turned in a “style direction” of being quite elegant but by still staying sportive at the same time. The only piece that is a little different is the Chanel-alike dress for being more playful than sporty – though my daughter said it would remind her to a vintage tennis dress…

My initial idea differed from that sportive look having the appearance of my semicouture dress and coat in my mind when I thought about the level of style.  This is having consequences on the other pieces not having been accomplished yet. The fabric with this tulips for example was supposed to become a coat or long jacket due to the pattern of my beetle jacket. But when I looked at the pieces I already accomplished I must admit this would not have suited the looks in the way I intended.  Additionally I realized that I exclusively sewed short pants or short dresses, no longer pants at all. In order to that I dedicated this tulip fabric to become pants similar to my lace pants I sewed in spring.

the one in the middle

I changed the way I “understood” this fabric from being sewed with a lining and becoming a classic coat to a very particular version of a “lace”: A little bit transparent, also a bit loose concerning its wearing criteria (the lace fabric is made of cotton and so it stretches quite a lot while wearing it and is getting loose). At that point I normally am standing in front of the mirror in my sewing room holding the fabric in front of me while trying to imagine how it could look as pants. I stood in between the  idea of making kind of Marlene Dietrich pants or this lace pants – the lace pants won the race because I strictly love the fitting …
I am quite sure combined with the silk blouse (made of silk fabric I also bought at Schumacher’s Friends’ Boutique last Friday) I will sew to complete them it will look great – and again sportive and elegant.

The blouse will be made of this silk fabric, second from left, and the jacket of the knit fabric, the one on the left.

Yes, you are right: And what about a coat or jacket?! I am still thinking about this. Currently I am at that point to sew a jacket of this knit fabric – also Schumacher – presupposed the fabric will be enough… I am having a very sportive long jacket/short coat with a hood in my mind which would perfectly match this sporty elegance of the collection. Hopefully all the materials will be enough!

Last but not least my little skirt of yesterday (for those of you who are reading my article this is a sneak preview!!!): I simply loved this cute little skirt by Gucci making me instantly thinking of that fabric – Schumacher again – ideally planned for shorts. But I didn’t want to sew more shorts and was looking for some inspiration for a particular skirt – matched! This skirt is quite versatile. You can style it playfully and cute but also elegantly and sportive as well.

My sewing goals for next week will be the tulip pants (already cut!!) and the blouse plus eventually the jacket/coat – we’ll see; this mostly is depending on the weather…

Tell me what your sewings are doing. Does anybody have started to sew a small collection as well or anything else? Show me some pictures, please, I am so curious about it…


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  1. every Piece is beautiful!!! You are the best! Wish you a lovely Weekend:)

    1. The same for you as well: Have a nice and sunny weekend – and thank you for your compliments :)))


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