A busy week goes by

IMG_7420I already assumed not being able to resist to sew a few of those lovely fabrics by Schumacher I bought last Friday but I didn’t expect to sew that much this week…

Every accomplished piece led me to the next, powered by that great pride I am always feeling when I can slip into a new garment. It is as if they would sneak out of my head turning into reality – a true drug for me ;-))

On Thursday I accomplished this cute little skirt additional to what I rather have accomplished this week so far… The sewing of such a little skirt is never worth mentioning it is always the details like here the embellishments – those have taken much more time than the complete sewing before.

To complete it I quickly revised a convenient shirt by Schumacher by tightening it and changing he sleeves – made of silk of a former blouse by Malene Birger I don’t wear anymore but rather take the fabric as “raw material”…

So my look of the day:
My new Gucci inspired skirt (DIYs II N°26)
my “blended” shirt
and my Chanel inspired knit cardigan (its tutorial here)

Have a very nice and lovely weekend, darlings,

IndraIMG_7432 IMG_7435 IMG_7522 IMG_7528 IMG_7392 IMG_7404 IMG_7410 IMG_7418

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