Silver star…

IMG_7577When I slipped into my clothes today, the expression “silver star” came in my mind 😉
The shorts and the top are so much shimmering in silver sparkle…

Now that I added some of my spring accessoires in rose it is not so dominant anymore – but I was quite amused about myself this morning.

I hope you darlings had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed your time with your family and/or friends. I definitely did! The weather was great – exactly like I love it: Sunny and warm.

On one hand this lifts me up but on the other hand, it’s even harder to get back to work and return at my sewing machine. Obviously I seem to be a lazy person – somewhere deep inside of me – sewing that much is just a way to pretend to be diligent instead… 😉
Anyway, on this week’s to do list there are at least two pieces of my creamy white collection: Some pants and a blouse -that’s the goal!

My high summer look of the day is told very quickly
My playful sporty top (DIYs list II N°24)
and my embroidered silk shorts (DIYs II N°23)
completed by my embellished collar and my embellished leather bracelets

Heels La Peptide, shades DvF, bad TSD12.IMG_7641 IMG_7638 IMG_7635 IMG_7571 IMG_7566 IMG_7564 IMG_7548 IMG_7646