Elegant transparency in creamy white

Here we are: Another look in creamy white!IMG_7652

Those who read last Friday’s surprise already knew that I planned to sew these two things this week. Because I didn’t want to separate the blouse and the pants I sewed them both at once.

The blouse was a true challenge… Ideally I had a completely different pattern in mind due to that the blouse should be sewed. But due to the  discrepancy of the two different silks or because of some faults I made the result of the front didn’t look like I wanted it to look. My first impulse was to throw it away – honestly!

IMG_7648But then I thought of you waiting for this blouse to be sewed and of the precious material I loved so much – and finally I prepared a totally new pattern (it is a convenient one by Burda – I will update the DIYs list soonest and provide you all details there) cut the blouse according to that – thanks god, the initial shape was quite loose so that this has been possible. Except the front piece is made a little bit different as it has a seam in the middle was wasn’t supposed according to the pattern. But without this little change I would have been “forced” to throw it away…

The sewing of the pants instead was completely easy-going this morning! It is made without any raffinesse, no lining – to keep the transparency – no particular tricks – just very pure and “raw”. I was afraid that each thing I would add might disturb the particular appearance of the material.

With my little accessoires like the lace collar and my leather necklace I feel kind of cool but rather elegant as well – my very beloved style 🙂

DIYs -look of the day:
New on a second try blouse (DIYs II N°27)
also new big tulip pants (DIYs II N°28)
lace collar (similar to this) and leather necklace

guided by my Giancarlo Paoli heels, bag by TSD12 and my shades by D&G.IMG_7660 IMG_7657 IMG_7653 IMG_7649 IMG_7692 IMG_7677 IMG_7671 IMG_7661