Indulging in creamy white

IMG_7712Today is the perfect weather for my Giovanna Battaglia inspired dress, sunny though a little bit windy and chilly.
During those last weeks I sewed so many gorgeous clothes I can hardly say which one I love most. When I hang my two sets, one inspired by Ermanno Scervino and the other by Ports 1961, into my closet I thought they could never beat anyone of the other pieces of my little collection. But when I slipped into this dress of today I instantly knew again why I wanted to sew it so urgently and why I even started the collection with this dress.
Though a dress can seldom be worn and styled very versatile it is exactly this simplicity that makes it so lovely: Slip into it, take the shoes of your desire and done! Especially my dress of today offers this possibility indeed. It does not need much accessoires and tricks to come into its own. It is quite simple and effective – and has been so easily sewing it.

Currently I really want to strictly wear this creamy white and vanilla shades – it makes me feel great 🙂

Therefore my look of today is nothing more than my dress #1 (DIYs II N°20) of the creamy white collection plus a few golden accessoires and my beloved and matching everything heels by Giancarlo Paoli.IMG_7727 IMG_7716 IMG_7766 IMG_7759 IMG_7757 IMG_7733