The right dress for every mood

IMG_7819What is best with my little collection is the fact that I sewed quite different dresses so that I can wear my -current – favorite color, creamy white, almost every day, for every occasion and in every mood I am in 🙂

First I was in this playful mood today for my playful dress until I slipped into it and the center front seam got broke – what a shock!! When I just put it over my head I could hear a suspicious sound… and really: The seam of the button part separated from the front part. Needless to say that when “my absolute favorite dress” got broke I wanted to repair it as soon as possible. It feels as if one your babies would be sick – yes, I know this sounds ridiculous but in my DIYs there is so much blood and sweat of mine in there…

Thanks god it was not too much work to fix it again…

So have a nice weekend all together – enjoy your life, we’ll see us on Monday again,


My look of the day is – grace to the mild weather – again very easy:
My playful dress #1 (DIYs II °22)
my embellished leather necklace

and some heels by French Connection plus shades by DvF.IMG_7886 IMG_7864 IMG_7862 IMG_7842 IMG_7818 IMG_7816 IMG_7810 IMG_7892IMG_7867IMG_7883