Tropical feeling

…on this hot and humid Monday.

Again at my most beloved location, it is a tiny little castle closed to the village where I grew up. A few years ago the community reflected whether they should destroy it and offer new ground for some industries or whether they should keep it and renovate it basically.


I love such historic places so much, they’re feeding my desire for romance or so – I guess… So I am incredibly glad that this beautiful place was kept and is taken care of by renovating it carefully and its surroundings as well. Not sure which period of architecture it belongs to, I know it’s quite young so eventually it is end of Renaissance or early baroque though the door behind me even reminds me to Art déco!? Anyhow, it is so beautiful and strictly perfect for my shootings offering uncountable places where to take pictures.IMG_7974

When I looked at the ones of today I even remembered  some historic manors in the tropics … With our current weather, hot and humid, you could really feel as if you where somewhere like that 😉

My look of the day:
The pants of my set inspired by Ports 1961
My new blouse on a second try…
plus some of my leather bracelets

Heels by Schumacher and shades  by Max&Co. – due to the heat, nothing else needed! IMG_7919 IMG_7915 IMG_7911 IMG_7908 IMG_7947