No need for any different color…


Do you also know these particular women exclusively wearing shades of white – the complete family – during the summer? They always were appearing to me as if jumped out of a movie or a book; especially the ones acting in England – in one of those beautiful stately mansions. Very stereotyped.

But you know what – since I am having all my white garments and since I felt so elegant and noble – in a way – wearing it, I am totally at those women’s page 😉

When I was standing in front of my closet today to choose what to wear I tried a few looks of different colors than white but – needless to say – I have been attracted to that creamy white shade again. Weird! But on the other hand great!! Could it be any better than to desperately fell in love with what you have done yourself with your own hands? For me this is the best part of sewing indeed.

Therefore again in creamy white today my look of the day:

My Ermanno Scervino inspired fashion creation (DIYs II N°21)

this time accompanied by wedges and bag by MalĂ­parmi, shades D&G. IMG_8349 IMG_8397 IMG_8405 IMG_8411 IMG_8418 IMG_8432 IMG_8433 IMG_8442 IMG_8472