For those who sew…

IMG_0016Maybe some of you who are sewing themselves sometimes asked their-selves how the garments I sewed are worked on the inside and regarding those little tricky details.

Well, I have good news for you: Today’s post is exactly reserved for you!

I took some pictures of my Ports 1961 set and of my little Gucci inspired skirt:

Here you can see some irregularities of the sewing of the zip. This happens when one side of the fabric is attached a little looser than the other. But when I wear it it is almost not remarkable…
Perfectly sewed zip!
Also perfectly mastered whole for the arms…
This is the most tricky part: The split! This makes me angry all the time… This time I let a little part directly at the edges undone and attached it by hand afterwards to have more control about it – result: Great!
Here you can see it once more: The fabric falls perfectly without any stretched parts or so.
Very properly made seams of the shorts.
How the pockets are made…

(PS: This week I will finally accomplish my DIYs list by the last pieces I sewed…)

…some more…

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