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Trends for fall to watch

Though summer has still not yet started – at least in my percipience – I already started to collect some (color-)ideas for fall I will watch and/or follow.

My recommendation for you is to choose colors your existing closet is already built of. I mean, I am having some lilac pieces and some “olive” and “mustard” pieces in my closet. So it is easy to accomplish them by adding some typical new colors of this fall than to start with some completely “new” colors. Especially when I love those colors and am sure that they suit me.

Therefore I prepared a board on Pinterest to watch if you are there, and for all the others, this post is designed for you 🙂

Recommended color trends for fall 2016 of Pantone:



and some more:7d8df55d44ce0398d7731898d7ca49b7

Some ideas how to style those colors by Isola Marras – I adore those prints and their combination!!!:



and this is what Roksanda designed for fall: