Private Saturday morning coffee

IMG_0123The best things on weekends especially on Saturday mornings is to drink a quiet cup of coffee in the garden. I always loved Saturdays – even as a young child – …!

Ideally I planned to go out for having a coffee with my husband in a city nearby but when I just came into the kitchen when I was ready to leave the house for taking pictures my husband called me waiting for me in the back yard – a hot cup of coffee always prepared for me on the table … Who could resist?!?

So here you are my private shots of the day wearing
my dark blue wool pants of the winter collection (here in its initial post) – don’t mind, they are not really hot and sewed with a silky lining inside – so pretty good for today.
my serenity embellished shirt (DIYs II N°17)
combined with my beloved heels by Giancarlo Paoli and accessoires by Swarovski. …nail color: OPI Dulce De Leche


IMG_0160 IMG_0130 IMG_0120 IMG_0253 IMG_0241 IMG_0180 IMG_0171

Have a wonderful weekend, sweethearts!