IMG_0453Yesterday I read some chapter in my new book about how to run a fashionblog successfully – and there was written that a daily post should maximum consist of 20 lines…

The advantage chilly summer days offer is to dress a little bit more “carefully” means not only to wear shorts and tops but – like I do today – create a look that looks more “done”. So similar to what I wore yesterday I took a silk blouse with one of my embellished collars and some fashionable pants – by the way those two pants of today and yesterday are sewed according to the same pattern, I only changed some little details of where the zip is placed and if there are pockets or not.
You see once more that you can change a simple pattern tremendously by changing the fabric and such little details.

Look of the day:
Lace pants (DIYs II N°9)
On a second try blouse (DIYs II N°27)
One of my embellished collars

heels by La Peptide, but those by Olgana Paris possess the same feminine vibes and bag by TSD12 (both bought on yoox) and my ever present accessoires by Swarovski.

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