WOmen 40+

Dazzling women 40+

Yesterday I searched in the internet for other blogging fashionable women at the age of 40+ having a similar style than me…

But honestly – what I found is nothing I could relate to – I am sorry. I don’t see myself as a crazy “housewife” needing age appropriate  things (?!) The only thing I appreciate in my age is to be able to afford a very good anti aging cream (Shiseido, Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream)  – that’s all.

Sophie-Marceau.jpg (700×1051):
Sophie Marceau

I don’t count myself to women in their “middle age” – I strictly don’t feel like that. I still feel young in a particular way: I feel young but adult, mature but still a little girl inside. I can still remember very clearly how I felt and thought when I was at the age of twenty – and I am glad not to be in this age anymore. Being in my forties lead me to a very comfortable point of my development of being more relaxed, being more aware of who I genuinely am. Now, I have developed a certain strength and power to reveal this.

And meanwhile I clearly developed my personal and individual style. Some of you might think I sometimes am overdressed – might be true… But in this case I go with Coco Chanel proclaiming, a women can be overdressed but never over-elegant…
Currently I am about to try to clearly figure out what my style really is and how to describe it. I found my personal definition now: Contemporary elegance. Yes, I can very much relate to that style or to what I understand how this might look.

Regarding my inner feeling, vibes or mood (call it how you like) I have some idols; yes: Sophie Marceau and Liz Hurley, I rather created a Pinterest board of them indeed! There are even more but you will surely get what I intend with “imitating” those two:
Famous (I am not but this doesn’t matter here)  women in their forties or fifties looking gorgeous (okay, this seams to be quite arrogant speaking from myself as gorgeous but this is what I try to achieve…) – some more than they looked in their earlier times (also me…) – women who are still sexy and very attractive regardless the fact whether there are some wrinkles around their eyes or not (hopefully I do, too…) . Women still being very active and sporty and taking very much care of their bodies, shapes and appearance – without necessarily grabbing Botox or so many other artificial stuff – and very important: They still have fun with and a  true passion for fashion – maybe more as they were having when they were young… (so me)

elizabeth-hurley_625x300_51410073800.jpg (630×450):
Liz Hurley

Those women are stars. But where are normal ordinary women like I am? I am extremely sure that I am not that special – there must be more than me (I am talking about fashion- and stylebloggers, I mostly found those twenty-somethings, but I don’t belong to that group anymore)… Where are you, contemporary ladies 40+?

This morning I have been at Schumacher’s friends’ Boutique – unfortunately again without the fabric sale :((( – and met two lovely women in front of the closed door also right about to look for some nice fabrics. They were fashion designers and teachers at the fashion school in Mannheim – what coincidence!! We instantly had a nice small talk and drunk some coffee together to recover from that shock of not having the possibility to buy new fabrics 😉

We talked about women in their forties and fashion and the fact that we neither could relate to those young girls in fashion nor that we want to. We agreed with the fact that stylish, chic and bodacious women in their forties+ are desperately underrepresented especially in fashion magazines or advertisements e.g..
Mostly disadvantages and challenges of this age are discussed in magazines or blogs totally missing the very outstanding positive parts – that is to say that they’re normally exactly knowing who they are and what they want. This feels really great – and took me a very long journey to get there, I can tell you…

In order to that please do me the favor if you come across a fashion- or styleblogger you’d say she is like I described above please show me these women and especially their fashionblogs. Ideally I wanted to share this with you to enlarge the topics and styles being offered additional to mine….