“Glamour follows function”

IMG_0627Yesterday I left a comment on a picture on Instagram where the lady behind “sewordinary” was posting a picture of a jacket which she couldn’t decide what buttons to attach on, plastic ones or shimmering ones by Swarovski. Most of the comments voted for the plastic ones. I commented that I would also have taken the plastic ones according to the device “glamour follows function”. I wasn’t really sure whether that was the right “direction” – means if glamour is now more important or function…

Then she answered she thought that the Swarovski ones would be glamorous too – so obviously I mistook the order… – I guess at the end we were on the same page, but this was pretty funny!

Anyway, this is my recommendation for you: Due to my experiences it is better to take sturdy buttons for a jacket as they will be opened and closed many times when wearing it – opposite to buttons on blouses. Buttons of Swarovski sometimes can be too delicate for a jacket, considering that you rub on things or bump into things with them and so on.
Very fine and decorative buttons are more supposed to be sewed on tender blouses or to close the endings of sleeves. You will have more fun with them using them in that way. An exception might be a very soft and decorative coat or jacket where buttons don’t really have the function of closing it but rather as a kind of jewelry.

Now I got it: Form follows purpose rather than glamour follows function – hope this is right now…

Have a nice weekend,

PS: My look:
Skirt (DIYs I N°27), blouse (DIYs II N°7), lace collar (strictly love those collars being able to built bridges between colors and styles – great!) , brand new heels by Dorothee Schumacher, Bag by OONA Berlin, Shades by DvF, Accessoires by Swarovski.

IMG_0622 IMG_0623 IMG_0631 IMG_0642 IMG_0646 IMG_0653 IMG_0663

2 thoughts on ““Glamour follows function””

  1. haha I wasn’t sure what glamour follows function meant! But I really appreciate your advice on buttons here. I never gave a thought to using sturdy buttons for those that will function as buttons. Funnily enough, the 2 buttons I sewed onto the grey blouse were purely decorative, the back neck closes with press studs! And I really like your suggestion about using the Swarovski ones as decoration, now I will look for more decorative beads or buttons to embellish a neckline!
    By the way, I follow your blog and I love all the stylish things you sew, they look like they have come out of a designer showroom!

    1. That’s great, Erin!
      This was definitely funny with this “follow” theme… I was quite amused even by myself :-))
      This device is used in designer branches for example “form follows function” – when the form of what ever is more important than its function – mostly when it doesn’t work like it should…
      Anyway. I am glad you to be able to gather some helpful suggestion from my post. Show me your stitching please, I am really curious about it…
      Thank you for your honoring comment regarding my sewings – [proud] :-))

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