Lois Lane

IMG_0719Do you remember this little TV show “Superman” at the beginning/middle of the nineties with Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane? This is what I thought when I did my hair

today. Those days I urgently wanted to look like her – I mean Lois Lane. I really liked the way her hair was cut and I remember I even took a picture of her to the salon to get my hair exactly done like hers 🙂

When I last (and also first) time wore my little Gucci inspired skirt of today, gazing at the pictures I realized that it was either too long or too short. In order to that I decided to shorten it a little this morning to give it a more fashionable twist.
It strictly looks more up-to-date shortened not so old school like it came across with its knee length. Needless to say, I didn’t just cut a part at the hem… I rather separated the waistband, lowered down the zip, cut the upper waistline at about 5cm and then accomplished everything again.

My recommendation to you is to listen to your feeling. Mostly you receive some kind of a feedback regarding a particular garment. Normally you yourself are able to instinctively know if it supports your style the way you like or not. Sometimes it is about a few centimeters more or less length, sometimes it is the fall of the material, sometimes the fitting of the waist or hips.

If you did it yourself, change it as long as you feel comfortable with it. Respective to all that work and diligence, give your best to produce favorite pieces only. And if you are just about to buy a convenient piece – in some cases it might be better not to buy it to not have purchased another ” bought, but never worn” piece…

I really love my look of today I guess I came quite close to those typical Gucci vibes…
Skirt (DIYs II N°26)
Blouse (DIYs II N°27)
Heels by Dorothee Schumacher, clutch by Malìparmi, sunglasses (oldies but goldies) by Prada.

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