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Today I will offer you a very detailed and kind of intimate glance over my shoulders: After having worn my Guido Maria Kretschmer inspired pants  last time I decided I will first wear them again when I had totally revised them… They were so much oversized you could either say they were strictly too loose and didn’t fit!

So I did this diligent revision work yesterday (took me about 4-5 hours, including the mistakes I made during the work…).

I separated it down to a very early stage of completion, indeed: Separated the waistband, the zip, the pockets and opened the side seams again. To separate such a crepe wool fabric it is very important to do this with maximum caution to not cut a hole in the fabric.

  • 1. First I separated everything...
  • 2. ...even the pockets...
  • 3. ...then cut the back side line...
  • 4. ...then the back waist height...
  • 5. ...then the front side line...
  • 6. ...then the front waist height.
  • 7. To get the perfect bow I marked the pocket line...
  • 8. ...and cut it off.
  • 9. I even cut a piece at the center front. Now attach everything again:
  • 10. Pockets and zip in and side seams closed...
  • 11. ...waistband attached...
  • 12.Total revision done! Mission completed!

To revise garments so basically it’s almost the same amount of work than to sew something new – with the advantage to know more or less exactly how this revised piece will fit afterwards. Unfortunately a revision doesn’t save you from making mistakes – so did I:

Right when I was about to close the side seams after having sewed the pockets again I recognized I had turned them inside out (???). So if this would not have been enough work, I needed to separate them once more and attach them correctly afterwards…

Finally, they could have been a little bit more loose, but due to my experience with this natural fabrics the material will widen when wearing, so hopefully the fitting will then be completely perfect.

IMG_0762 IMG_0754

IMG_0746 IMG_0741

ooops – haven’t been in my pose yet…

IMG_0738Basket by Lieblingsstück Germany (please contact them on Instagram here) further individualized by me…



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