Fashion 2015 – still in love


Though my Jil Sander inspired look (please read its making of here) is not just made in 2015 but rather the original draft belongs to the fashion of 2015, I still love wearing it. In a particular way this is a very easy and convenient look. It looks adult and feminine, though cool and a little avant-garde. It has this timeless chic – means it’s never really in nor out – what I realized when I searched for similar items in several online shops to provide them to you.


Of course I didn’t find the one I took my inspiration from no more in 2016 – also because I changed the color of the skirt Maja wore ideally. You know this is an advantage of sewing garments yourself – but in some cases supposed to be a disadvantage either: Because ideally I wanted to sew the skirt in the same color like Maja’s, in this beautiful cognac brown. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a matching leather in this shade so I had to take this taupe one, which I am really happy about now…

Therefore, I created you a similar look in different colors, but with the same or very similar mood:


  1. Dress by Jil Sander
  2. Skirt by Jil Sander
  3. Belt on yoox
  4. Shoes by Malone Souliers
  5. Bag by DvF
  6. Sunglasses by Marni

My shoes are by Dorothee Schumacher, my bag and belt by St.Emile, my shades by D&G and my necklace and watch by

IMG_0797 IMG_0784 IMG_0783 IMG_0780 IMG_0806