Beauty in the eye of the contemplator


…so in this case with this old and rusty garage door. The neighbor of this old house was really quite surprised of me being so excited about those beautiful shades of light blue and rusty red at this old door where some trucks have been stored a certain time ago. Anyway, I instantly loved it and spontaneously decided to take my pictures there.

Today I decided again to change the colors of my look of preselected convenient garments I created for you. For me it is always more important to hit the same fashion statement/expression rather than to copy my DIYs look by searching for exactly the same colors – needless to say that this isn’t really possible in any event… In order to that I decided for an edgy and ambitious culotte combined with a cool basic shirt – also embellished but at its shoulders.


  1. Shirt by Maje
  2. Bag by Michael Kors Collection
  3. Pants by Roksanda
  4. Sunglasses by Gucci
  5. Bracelet by Swarovski
  6. Bracelet by Swarovski
  7. Shoes by Maison Margiela

My DIYs are:
Embellished basic shirt in black (DIYs II N°17)
Baroque glittering pants (DIYs I N°26)
Embellished leather bracelet
Shoes by Salvador Ribes, Sunglasses by DvF, bag by 8.

IMG_0853 IMG_0847 IMG_0846 IMG_0841 IMG_0838