Recycled look of the day


If you read “recycled look” on instagram for example, mostly means that this look has been worn already in the past – different in my case…

My look of the day really consists of recycled garments having been something else before: I already wrote an article about this blouse having been a former very iconic dress by DvF I couldn’t wear very much just simply because of that fact…
My skirt formally has been a dress that has never fitted really comfortably at its shoulders and neckline so that I decided to cut it and keep the downer part as skirt…

Currently I am exactly about to double-check my closet and select clothes I don’t want to wear anymore due to diverse reasons, might be they are too loose, might be the material doesn’t suit the pattern, might be the way it is sewed is not perfect enough or, or, or. My husband sorted out one of his older suits by Armani as meanwhile the fitting looks quite démodé. Though this very fine wool fabric still is completely okay. Grace to the fact that this has been a very big suit – with a lot of fabric… – I decided to sew a women’s suit for me in autumn – you’ll see.

My suggestions for today:


  1. Blouse by MSGM
  2. Sunglasses by Tom Ford
  3. Watch by Gucci
  4. Shoes by Alexander McQueen
  5. Skirt by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi
  6. Bag by Maison Margiela

My look:
Too iconic dress blouse (DIYs II N°7)
Skirt in a rush (DIYs II N°15)
Embellished bracelet


Heels by La Peptide, bag by TSD12, shades by DvF.IMG_0887 IMG_0886 IMG_0881 IMG_0879 IMG_0878 IMG_0898 IMG_0888