My favorite designers – by Malene Birger

11-1920x1358For all of you who rack their brain how this has to be pronounced or which nationality she is: She is Scandinavian.

Eventually this is explaining that particular style of her fashion: Clean and pure though with playful details often interpreted with a twinkle.

First time I came across the label by Malene Birger was a few years ago shortly after I had closed my shop and was looking for alternative labels I could wear instead of the labels I sold. Honestly I strictly couldn’t afford them further on…

I clearly remember that one particular dress I found on TheOutnet – ideally I thought about to buy it as it wasn’t that expensive – but then I remembered one of my off-white silk fabric by Schumacher I kept in my chest and decided to sew a similar one myself.

Currently most of the looks on the runway, advertisements or shown by fashion bloggers are combined with sporty flats – also the looks of by Malene Birger. But the simplicity of Malene Birger’s drafts allows interpreting them sporty but also very elegantly with high heels – what I prefer…


By Malene Birger truly is offering affordable luxury with an artistic angle to contemporary classics. This label doesn’t “scream”, it is rather unagitaded and quiet what makes it so versatile for many occasions. It focuses on timeless styles with handcrafted details made of beautiful fabrics.
The designs and shapes are very clear often with a surprising switch or detail (like this lowered waist with this extra amount of fabric at its front of my Malene Birger inspired dress). Their clean lines and pointed tailorings make it easy to wear, very modern and cool but still feminine though slightly exciting. Malene Birger of course allows to show your femininity and your sexiness though less provokingly and to be recognized at a second glance first.


The label was founded in 2003 – so quite young still – and therefore it doesn’t try to save its heritage but rather shows a new and fresh look, cool and feminine. A way of styling I can very much relate to.

Compared to Ermanno Scervino the looks are cooler and more by-malene-birger-press15-2reduced but this is rather a result of the styling but of the single garment. Ermanno Scervino collections are more feminine with waisted shapes; Malene Birger’s are less sharply tailored therefore looking cooler probably due to their often applied masculine elements.
Though some of the coats for example of this current fall collection are very similar and it is just a question of personal styling preferences whether to wear it Q55646011_221_backwith a lace dress and pumps or with wide leg pants and flats.

What I love the most are her special patterns, the way her garments are cut. A simple dress or coat though looking very easy to copy mostly is cut in a very tricky and artful way. In fact I am alternating whether to sew this lilac coat by Ermanno or this dark blue by Malene Birger…  We’ll see…