Saturday morning, 30°C…



…on my way to go to the weekly fruit market to do some grocery shopping.

Those last exceptionally hot days of this summer are a true gift, allowing to enlarge this year’s outdoor season for some nice and sunny weekends. So today evening when we will test another cocktail/roof top bar in Karlsruhe called King Karl.

On Wednesday and Thursday (it took me surprisingly much time) I sewed another lovely dress – too elegant to go for grocery shopping but strictly perfect for today evening to go out to this particular bar – I am quite excited already…

Therefore my casual summer look of this morning surely is a counterpoint compared to my dress for tonight. But honestly, though I definitely love to dress elegantly as often as possible in some cases this might be overdone… in order to this, here comes my casual alternative:IMG_1247

DIYs of this look are:

Gucci inspired embellished skirt (DIYs II N°26)
playful sporty top (DIYs II N°24)

completed with my sandals by Lloyd, my good old summer shopping bag by Malíparmi and my beloved sunglasses by D&G, accessoires are – also good and old – Gucci watch and my precious bracelet by Pandora.IMG_1226


This is the original skirt by Gucci:

gucci rock

…and this is my alternative suggestion…:

  1. Sunglasses by D&G
  2. Top by Mother of Pearl
  3. Watch by Gucci
  4. Shopper by Vivienne Westwood
  5. Skirt by Tory Burch
  6. Sandals by Oscar de la Renta


IMG_1248 IMG_1241 IMG_1240 IMG_1239 IMG_1237