Enjoying this morning’s silence


…accompanied by my sweet little cat (though she is a granny, but she is still my little one)


Regarding my looks and new dresses the last few days were quite exciting – at least for me – and I have worked so much – even during the weekend – I really enjoy this quiet and stress-free morning of today.

Regarding my sewings I am alternating whether I should continue to sew summer gowns – I am still having so many undone ideas – or whether I should stop it here and start with my first garments for autumn…?
On the other hand the temperatures are still very hot. Unimaginable to wear long pants or sleeves!

On Friday another Schumacher’s friends’ boutique will take place, of course, I already started to make some sewing plans for fall. But I also have some very good ideas for now. So probably I will buy fabrics for summer and autumn either…

For now my DIYs of today are
one of my embellished basic shirts
and my embroidered silk shorts

completed with my sandals by Lloyd, my watch by Swarovski and my ring by Joop.

My suggestions of the day for you:

  1. Shirt by Jijil
  2. Watch by Sawrovski
  3. Shorts by Alice + Olivia
  4. Sandals by Dsquared2
  5. Ring by Roberto Cavalli


IMG_1394 IMG_1368 IMG_1375 IMG_1379 IMG_1384