Malene Birger inspired look


Respectively to my designer’s portrait of by Malene Birger of last Friday I took my Malene Birger inspired dress for today.
Last week I did not just sew pretty much dresses (three dresses within one week only! dress 1, dress 2, dress 3) I also revised this dress by tightening and shortening it so that it comes across again like I initially intended it to. When I last time wore it and took pictures at the castle of Bruchsal I recognized the dress to have lost its chic due to its very loose fitting. Now it has this special sexiness again I wrote about last week…

My DIYs look:
Malene Birger inspired dress (here in an earlier post)
Purse by Wunderkind, shoes by PoiLei, accessoires by Swarovski, sunglasses by Ferragamo.

My convenient alternative today is set of black accessoires for those of you who don’t like red or prefer to rather style the dress  a little “cooler”:

  1. Dress by Malene Birger
  2. Sunglasses by Dior
  3. Purse by Wunderkind
  4. Heels by Schutz
  5. Watch by Swarovski
  6. Bracelet/Necklace by Swarovski
  7. Ring by Pandora




IMG_1261 IMG_1256 IMG_1253 IMG_1280 IMG_1277 IMG_1269