My favorite designers – Dorothee Schumacher

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My connection with this label surely is quite special and – in a way – very intense, too:

Schumacher was one of the first labels I sold in my former shop because it represents an image of women I can totally relate to personally. I was a little afraid whether it was too pricey to be sold in this small city where my shop was located but anyway, I wanted it so desperately – most for myself to be honest…

What instantly touched my heart were those beautiful details, dazzling, feminine, tender – I have never seen such emotional garments before. Also this so called “Schumacher world” they created around the clothes (umbrellas, soaps, cups, pencils, sleeping masks and so on)  was designed so lovely and charming every woman was touched by those gimmicks indeed. Even their locations where I was invited to place my order were decorated in the brand’s image…

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For me the looks by Schumacher were directly transferable on the streets without any need of changing not a single detail – strictly perfect!
I remember me to have been surprised how feminine pants were supposed to be interpreted by this brand…!

Unfortunately about two years ago they changed their image and climbed from being a premium brand called Schumacher to be a luxury brand further on called Dorothee Schumacher. With this switch they eliminated a lot of those lovely details and gimmicks and followed a less playful styling – still decorated  but I miss those little things indeed…

This was my absolutely favorite look this spring – just love it!!
Picture of the magazine Faves edited by Schumacher

But their fabric still are very beautiful: A lot of silk, amazing prints and colors and the combination of them. Those who follow me since a certain while will have recognized how many ideas I gathered from their last collections.
In their current collections the colors used there sometimes are quite “bold. But like no other brand Schumacher to me stands for soft nude and neutral colors they used a few seasons ago.

Though they focus on different colors and prints now, I was introduced in this palette of neutrals initially by them – and still am in love with them…

So I am shilly-shally regarding their current style: I adore their current fabrics – especially due to the fact I have access to them to buy them and sew my own fashion gowns. Likewise I prefer their former styles with those touching details and interpretations, although I sewed some of their drafts of this spring collection. Mostly it is depending on the particular collection, some suit my preferences and some don’t – like in real life…

Current ad campaign by Dior

On the back cover of the ELLE magazine of September an advertisement of Dior is shown there.

Resort collection spring 2016

At the first glance I thought this was a look by Schumacher! The prints so strongly reminded me to their most recently used prints (fall/winter 2015) indeed. And this is also something I noticed since I follow this label Schumacher, many times they are very much ahead in fashion! Sometimes almost too far for ordinary people

Fall/Winter 2015/16

who first need to get familiar with new trends first.


Maybe this has been the reason for their repositioning in the luxury market…?