Frankfurt airport in rosé and grey


Today we were at the airport of Frankfurt to take leave of our daughter travelling to Peru for the next four months…

(I don’t want to bore you with our farewell – but I am sure those of you who have children will know how strange this situation is and how lost you feel as parents…)

Anyway, the weather was quite chilly and so I took my cozy cover coat of this spring to complete my rosé-ivory look of today.

My according convenient suggestion for you:

  1. Coat by Vanessa Bruno
  2. Necklace by Gedebe
  3. Blouse by Malene Birger
  4. Pants by Jil Sander
  5. Watch by Swarovski
  6. Bag by Blugirl Blumarine
  7. Shoes by Vic Matié
  8. Ring by Swarovski


My DIYs look of this day was:
My Cover coat (DIYs II N°)
Blouse on a second try (DIYs II N°)
Guido Maria Kretschmer inspired pants
and my embellished collar inspired by Dorothee Schumacher

completed with my new shoes by Dorothee Schumacher and my good old bag by St.Emile, accessoires like always by Swarovski.

IMG_1722 IMG_1713 IMG_1703 IMG_1747 IMG_1741 IMG_1672