No DIY but lovely


Grace to all my DIY dresses I almost forget this very lovely convenient dress by Schumacher (at least four years old). For hot summer days it is strictly perfect due to its double layering.

My DIYs look:
No DIY dress by Schumacher combined with
Embellished leather tie (inspired by Dorothee Schumacher…) (its making of)

plus wedges by Malìparmi, bag by TSD12, sunglasses by DvF, watch by Swarovski.

My convenient alternatives:

  1. Watch by Anne Klein
  2. Dress by Michelle Mason
  3. Leather tie by Dorothee Schumacher
  4. Dress by Les Copains
  5. Bag by Carlo Pazolini
  6. Wedges by Malìparmi
  7. Wedges by Stuart Weitzman
  8. Bag by Coccinelle



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