Back to my beauties of 2015

IMG_1812Like I told you in my last post I am really happy to have sewed all those lovely garments since I started my blog and particularly since last autumn when I started to create those beautiful gowns of gorgeous fabrics by Schumacher. (If you live in the surrounding of Mannheim and are interested in Schumacher’s Friends’ boutique – being for everyone – subscribe to my website to not miss the next date.)

Again I could complete my look of this year’s pieces by adding a blouse I sewed last autumn. This allows to vary my current looks – because mostly certain sewing periods are influenced by one or two single topics; by adding some pieces of former seasons and influences you are able to shift them in different stylings today.

In my recommendations I tried to find a blouse looking a little similar regarding the style – not necessarily the color – and the asseccoires as well:

  1. Coat by American Vintage
  2. Blouse by Steffen Schraut
  3. Necklace/Bracelet by Swarovski
  4. Sunglasses by Guess
  5. Shorts by Totême
  6. Heels by Diane von Furstenberg
  7. Clutch by Wunderkind
  8. Bag by Fendi
  9. Watch by Maurice Lacroix



My DIYs are:

Oma Franziska blouse(DIYs I N°9) – instantly a favorite piece!
New elegant coolness coat (DIYs II N°1)
Creamy white shorts (DIYs II N°21)

plus purse by Wunderkind, shades by Ferragamo, heels by Schumacher, accessoires by Swarovski, watch by Maurice Lacroix.

IMG_1825 IMG_1823 IMG_1812 IMG_1806 IMG_1891 IMG_1828