Notre petite ballade en Alsace – part 2

After having a quiet and relaxing night chez Sandrine we continued our tour towards the direction of Strasbourg. Opposite to what we had planned initially we skipped the path of St.James as it strictly was too challenging for us. Ideally this path is supposed for a hike per feet and not to cycle it. The rises are too hard to take them on a bike – at least for us. We wouldn’t have had so much fun we had taking a route being much flatter and more comfortable to cycle.

This flexibility was part of our tour from the first beginning. Ideally we didn’t even intend to plan anything – just to go with the flow!10

Our first base on that second day was Haguenau where we had another coffee and some water before we arrived at one of the innumerable channels crossing the Alsace. Those are very beautiful, very quiet an300px-SP-CanalMarneRhind it feels like being pulled back into earlier times – I love it!

The challenge of this second day was the fact of being a Sunday when no grocery shops were open. We didn’t want to become untrue to our eating habits of low carb, high fat and protein. Everybody who follows similar principles will surely agree that being outdoors and on the road, staying true to this kind of eating habits is very hard to do. Therefore we were depending of the supermarkets. On Sundays it is even more difficult to find some suiting meals – especially in a region where many carbs are listed on the menus of many restaurants…

We studied every menu pinned on the doors of the few restaurants we crossed our way without being completely convinced.
We both suffered of hunger already when we found a field of apple trees plenty of mature apples… Those were some of the best apples we ever ate (yes, I know they contain carbs as well – but anyway..)


Finally we found an automate where one of the local farmers sold his products 24/7 and bought some fresh tomatoes which we enjoyed eating up plus some of our protein bread we brought from home and some more apples. So delicious!

Quite early in the afternoon we arrived in Strasbourg. We were just about to cycle towards the center not exactly sure which direction to turn when a man contacted us by making some jokes and having some funny small talk while explaining the way to the center. Suddenly he said something to his wife and spontaneously offered us the possibility to stay the night at their little bed and breakfast!

Completely spontaneous and in the middle of the streets – weird!12

We instantly remembered our disaster to find a place to sleep the night before and agreed in the same second… This couple was really weird and crazy – at least we were looking forward to having a funny evening with them. We made a date to meet in front of the cathedral a few hours later to join them – also by bike – back to their house located a little more outside of the city.

Though this was really such a crazy situation and this couple was so very friendly and funny we cancelled our agreement later to book a room very close to the cathedral; incredibly cheap and immediately available. Don’t forget: I am still a fashion blogger and I didn’t want to stroll the streets of Strasbourg while still wearing my bike look, totally soaked with sweat…

And this was really the right decision! Look at this cute little maisonette room! Should we have skipped this opportunity? We would have missed something!13

14Everything would have been perfect – if not…

When I had a shower in our cute little bathroom under the roof and the water washed my sweat over my body suddenly I felt a tremendous pain on my butt! 15Something burned in a way as if two bees would stitch into the same point at the same time! I almost screamed! I called my husband to look what occurred this enormous pain. He said there is a an skin lesion; your skin is totally rubbed away! Ouch!
My bike saddle was a little bit too wide and so the back side of my leg rubbed onto it every single time I pushed the pedal down. Funnily enough, I didn’t recognize this during the ride…

First we thought we must interrupt our tour, also due to the fact I had jammed a nerve in my left hand so that I felt a dull pain in my hand since we crossed all those hills on Saturday evening…

I admit I am much more a princess than an adventurer… But what shall I do? Obviously, I am not constructed for cycling…16

Anyway, we decided to first enjoy this evening, go out to have a delicious dinner [We truly had in an excellent fish restaurant “L’Alsace à table”; would be worth to drive there especially to have dinner there!], apply some ointment and see how the situation would look like the next day.

If you are interested in a third part please write a comment. I will start to write it down when 10 people will have left their comments…