Long sleeves dress plus leather skirt


This sounds so very simple – even a kind of boring – but can look so stylish, cool and adult. I know I wrote this a several time but my look of today really is one of my absolute favorites. Also people who saw me wearing it – most of all my husband – totally agree that this look is one of the best I sewed ever since… – So it will be hard to beat this!

Here you can read more about my Jil Sander creation [inspired by Maja Weyhe] and one of the posts when I wore it lately as well.
Paired with my heels by Dorothee Schumacher, my good old belt and bag by St.Emile, the look is strictly perfect – at least in my eyes 😉 What do you think? Do you like it or is it boring?

My suggestions for you:

  1. Watch by Swarovski
  2. Necklace by Marc Jacobs
  3. Dress by Conleys
  4. Sunglasses by DvF
  5. Bracelet by Swarovski
  6. Bag by Bogner
  7. Shoes by Ralph Lauren
  8. Skirt by Pauw



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