About me

Like many other women, I adore fashion and clothes since I was a young girl.

I always loved to dress elegantly and luxuriously even as a young woman – eventually a little bit too elegantly in those days… Now that I am in my Forties, this suits me more to live out this – let’s call it – native elegance.

If not…

Everyone knows: Luxurious high fashion garments are very expensive!

Ideally, I could never have afforded those exclusive pieces I adored when I was in my twenties or even still younger. Thank goodness! Among this inherited affinity to elegance and luxury – gazing at old pictures of my just recently my mom said I had always been a diva… – I inherited another precious family’s talent as well: Almost all women in our family from my father’s and my mother’s side excellently know how to sew!

In order to that I started my true career as a passionate hobby tailor at the age of 18.

Since then my experience and knowledge increased more and more so today I am able to sew exactly those luxurious, elegant and exclusive garments I always dreamed of.

If you ask me what my style is I would answer contemporary feminine. I love exclusive materials like silk and cashmere combined with a very elegant though anyhow sporty, sometimes playful style with modern contemporary vibes. To express myself as woman grace to my particular looks brings a lot of fun to me. I would be very glad to inspire some of you by them.

This website is not so much about sewing techniques and patterns; there are so many blogs offering tons of patterns and great tutorials of almost every thinkable problem you as hobby tailor might be confronted with.
This one here is about to create a particular individual style – on one hand by sewing designer garments my- or yourself and/or on the other hand by selecting fine and special “convenient” pieces at affordable costs.
This site is about celebrating a certain femininity which has become pretty seldom in our days.
Back to grace and elegance – while being modern and up to date: Contemporary Ladies!

PS: For those who want to know more about my story please read here.

Contemporary elegance #sewedwithpassion