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Hi everyone,

this is me – a few years ago…


My name is Indra, I am 45 years old, married, life enthusiast and I’ve got three children. Okay, actually you won’t say that they’re children anymore…

Kinder_2014but anyhow… We live in a kind of boring little village in South-West of Germany close to the border to France.

Because I have found nothing better to do I started to write this blog … (joke :-)..)

No, not at all.
You could say my fashion story started almost 40 years ago when I was a little girl. I grew up in a surrounding of tailors and women who tailored. Two of my aunts are tailors, my grandma from my father’s side tailored – even though she did not learn it as her profession – and cut and sewed individual cloths in a factory specialized on trousers.IMG_0036

I still remember in a very detailed manner how the basement of that factory where she worked looked like. My brother and me visited her sometimes during her work and stayed there a bit to watch her cutting and measuring and so on. I was always impressed by this huge table where she was working and by all this cryptic figures she wrote on her sheet while measuring new customers. I still remember that she had very thick and hard skin on her fingers because of all that cutting with these heavy scissors. My parents did not have a lot of money and were forced to save money as much as they could. So my grandma sewed – mostly  trousers – for my brother and me.

My grandma from my mother’s side knew how to sew as well and also her sister was very experienced in sewing. They taught me a lot about how to sew and made me being suggestive of sewing being a completely normal and common thing to do.

I still remember this very old sewing machine of my grandma not being electric but rather needed to be spurred “manually” by foot. Sewing was only possible by tapping on a large pedal seesawing it on and on. By this movement the needle moved either forward or backward. Even when I was a bit older and already made my first own sewing experiences I never succeeded in moving the needle in the right direction…

But before I started to sew by machine I sewed by hand. All my barbies were clothed in my own designs which I still kept until today .

So you see I grew up in a sewing-affine family. Additionally I knitted a lot when I was about 14 to 16 years old – I even knitted sweaters for foreign people. And in those days for my boyfriend…

The start of my career as a hobby tailor can be set up to the beginning of my twenties. My aunt/godmother guided me in her “atelier” – named in her house and her sewing room… – to sew a shift dress. This was my very first serious sewing session and the result was a gorgeous fire red linen shift dress. The shape was quite simple, an ordinary shift dress, but the color added a lot of grace and elegance and I felt amazing while wearing it. I remember that I immediately wore it after having finished it to go to a street festival in a neighbor village with my boyfriend (now my husband) and some friends of us –  I was totally overdressed – but incredibly proud!!! To be honest this is a very very typical thing for me – I mean the fact that I am overdressed… There is no Italian city or village left that I did not yet visit in high heels……. (But honestly the most challenges I got with flats: Blebs, hurting pelvis and back and so on..;-)..)

My final breakthrough as tailor got started when my children were born. I always loved these cute cloths for babies and toddlers – they were so tiny and lovely – and much too expensive! I definitely never understood why cloths for tiny little babies shall cost even more than cloths for adult people. Especially considering that they fit just a few months or even weeks??
So I started to sew IMG_0025them myself. I began by just pimping up purchased simple sweaters and sewing double side trousers for my first son. And you wouldn’t believe it: My first trousers were a skirt.
I made a mistake by sewing the legs and the result was a skirt. This is how I started.

But I quickly became more experienced – if you make such mistakes like the one with the skirt you are learning in a rush… After half of a year I sewed a complete suit for my son for the marriage of his father and me. I sewed for my friend for her marriage and for me while I was pregnant again – I sewed and sewed and sewed.IMG_0028 (2) IMG_0029 (2)
I had so much fun in creating and designing so that I sewed almost everything we had in our flat. I found new shops for fabrics – remember the internet was still not available in a way like it is today…

When I was pregnant for the third time I really hoped for a girl. Not just because of the fact that we already had two boys but – honestly spoken – rather to sew all these sweet and c02031742ute little baby dresses and blouses and toddlers and so. And she was…
Regarding my sewing career I could not be stopped anymore. In my most busied times I sewed almost 40hours a week – days and nights. I still sewed everything for my two boys and more than 02040624twice as much for my girl – I photographed her wardrobe when she was about two years old. More than 85 to 90% was made by me. If you look at the picture I am sure no further comment is needed…

Unfortunately a few years later I got severe problems with my neck due to this sedentary neck-unfriendly work position. And so I break off sewing for a certain time. In these days my children were already grown up and did not want to wear my DIY cloths anymore. They wanted to dress in the same way like their friends did. However these cloths are not easy to imitate – these washed out and used effects. Brand new sewed cloths look like brand new cloth. The fabrics are not used or washed out and what was even worse they were not printed with anything cool. The pictures and slogans I appliquéd on their sweaters like I did before suddenly became too boring and a kind of too naïve.

In the following years I was busy with my personnel – especially professional – development. After a frustrating period of tries and fails I decided to study again and did my diploma in business administration. I wanted to get a job in a larger company, have colleagues and an ordinary and regular life. I constantly sewed a bit during that time but just a few “projects” per year. I did not want to spend all that time in sewing just to have nice cloths. I rather wanted to earn money, go shopping and buy some ready-to wear cloths in those days. But me and finding a job is the most frustrating topic in my life. I still did not yet succeed in it…
After tons of job applications after my studies I was finally asked by a lovely school friend of mine while moaning about my situation if I would not be interested in working in the architecture office where she worked since many years as well. So I did.
But I was never really lucky there. I just dealt with figures the whole day long – my main task was to do the account staff – my worst subject of my whole studies…. I was not really bad in what I did, had my little successes but I missed to be creative in any way and to have contact with other people.

After one year I decide to basically change this situation: I quit my job and opened my own fashion boutique – hurray!!                  

I had so much fun in taking care of all these creative things like examining and ordering the new collections, developing my merchandising tools and
presenting the goods to the customers.

This was the first time when I could get out and go on business trips – I was so proud and felt so good – in the beginning….

To offer my children the possibility to still have a meeting point with me I choose Bruchsal (where all of my children went to school) as location for my shop regardless of the fact Bruchsal not being really famous for its fashion people and shops…
Today I am sure: I never had a realistic chance to succeed with my small shop, the style and brands I offered and especially the place I was located. After two years of hard fights, hopes and setbacks I finally was forced to close to not lose even more of our private money I already lost before during that time. The costs to stay and continue were too high – not just with regards of the money but much more of our family life that totally fell into pieces with a mother being out for about minimum 50 hours a week and a father being busy for almost the same time.Präsentation1

In January 2013 I closed – and almost fell depressive.

On one hand I felt assuaged not to be under this never ending financial pressure but on the other hand I was confronted with my old problem to find a job. Regarding my personnel development these last two years have been some of the hardest I ever needed to pass in my life. I wrote a blog about my thoughts and all my questions and doubts I had during that time. If you are interested in my story you can read my former blog – in German –  ( that finally lead me to the point to proudly and self confidently start this new blog here.

The best experience in my life with its ups and downs was/is that sewing always saved me from becoming maniac and/or depressive. Every time when I had too much time and started to think too intensively about my frustrating situation I could relieve myself while sewing something nice – and in the last years just exclusively for me (with little exceptions).
Especially in the last months I started to develop the way and style to sew on a much higher professional level. I take my time creating my own patterns and spend much more time in the detailed and exact work of sewing than I ever did. The results are amazing and I am so proud of them – I will show them to you in the next weeks and months…

The way I create my own patterns is special but simple in the same time so that I decided to share this with you and show you how you can do similar things as well – with little equipment and simple stuff. My biggest wish for this blog is to inspire you to develop your own style, to encourage you to be proud and self-confident in who you are and maybe to inspire some of you to create your own individual cloths as well.

I will present you my individual dress style and show you how I sew my cloths. Therefore I will post you my DIYs outfits of the day on a regular base and will upload DIYs lists or tutorials how to make your own pattern or to change it in a creative way on occasion. I hope you will have a lot of fun with my posts and we will all enjoy to create ourselves.

with love Indra

PS: Last but not least if you don’t like my blog, my style, how I look, the way I dress, how I talk or whatever – please just move along. I don’t need any bad comments or things like that anymore – this won’t anyway stop me…
pissed off woman……..

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