Glanzstücke Berlin – my new brooch

IMAG0729Just receiving my beautiful new brooch from Glanzstücke Berlin and need to show it to you right now…

Last week I bought the new Harper’s Bazaar of June/July to get some fresh inspiration for new sewing projects or styling tipps and so on. And I did…

As a result I am planning to sew a set of dress and shorts in this amazing sunny orange/yellow combined with a very gentle and soft light blue. Stay curious…
On page 45 bright colors and inspiring combinations of stylings are presented in the magazine among others this beautiful orange with light blue. The model always had little but extraordinary accessories mostly brooches stuck on her dress or sweater. I immediately fell in love with this sweet and kind of innocent one in light blue, looked it up in the internet and succeeded – hurray!!

At Glanzstücke it is not possible to order like in an ordinary online shop but – like I found – even more personally and enjoyable. I wrote an email to Frau Pax to ask if this brooch would still be available and she answered almost immediately – even during the weekend – to confirm promising to reserve it for me if I’d really want to purchase it and provided her PayPal address. I paid and two days later I received this beautiful package …IMAG0726IMAG0727




What women always appreciate is someone dropping a few lines additionally to the items we ordered – so did Frau Pax  – very lovely.

Enjoy rummaging at her website – I’ll show you soon how I will insert my beautiful brooch after having sewed my orange-blue combination.

Cool and competent

IMG_0138This is an outfit I choose when I want to convince other people of me being competent, professional and most of all cool. You can even wear it business-like with a black sharp cut blazer – mine is from Blacky Dress – or just for those days when you need some inner strength and power or even just for fun…IMG_0150

If you take it for a business look this fancy Mickey Mouse shirt adds a bit twinkling humor to your look. People will think that you don’t take everything so severe – maybe this will be a kind of irritating for some of them but be true to yourself – if you feel confident like this – wear it!IMG_0160

The shirt and trousers are from Schumacher – once more – , my cool and provocative heels from Laurèl. A label that I love very much as well, it is a so called diffusion line of Escada. Have a look at the collection – it is always amazing with its lovely colors and cool shapes and looks.

Last but not least my bag from 8 and my sunglasses from DvF.

And let me drop a line regarding my make up: If you are wearing your hair like I do today – all brushed into the face – be sure to apply enough make up onto your eyes and brows otherwise your eyes will “disappear” behind the hair – you wouldn’t believe how much dark color I painted onto my eyes this morning….?!IMG_0144

Tomorrow I will show you the same outfit in colors – see you 🙂

DIY – Chanel inspired oversize jacket



Oh-oh – I just returned back in the house right before it started raining today… wearing my cool and fancy Chanel inspired oversize jacket. I sewed it accordingly to a pattern of Burda style which I already used before for a winter jacket. The fabric is a kind of knit style and I bought it – once more – at Schumacher a few weeks ago. I also sewed a fitting blouse in this light blue silk – like the lining of the sleeves – but this needs to be washed at the moment….like always…

So this is why I choose this simple silk shirt from American vintage which – I found – looks also quite nice together. My trousers are from Blacky Dress, a label I sold in my shop making a kind of cool, avant-garde and very wearable cloths which I love as well. 3

To lift the look to a more feminine level I added my dark blue sling backs with a perfect and very comfortable heel height from WO Milano. Silver accessories – and ready to go 🙂2

Costs for material: about 40€
Pattern of Burda style 9/2010, pattern No.119IMG_0120

DIY – Rosewood silk dress

IMG_0076Today I wear my newest most favorite IMG_0074 dress 🙂

I recently checked the new Dorothee Schumacher collection and was inspired by this dress. I immediately fell in love with its shape and look and decided to sew a similar one for me. So I took this wonderful washed out rosewood silk fabric – again from Schumacher – tried to imitate the shape as close to the original as possible – and it lookIMG_0072s amazing. I love it so much! It was really hard to sew because silk as fabric is so slippery. The only way to attach pockets properly is to double-check with your set square during the complete work. – but it is worth it!
As you can see I am wearing my Malìparmi shoes and my lovely matching bag Malìparmi as well.
Little accessories, a smile and that’s it 🙂

Oh – and not to forget: the right parfume… today it is Prada Luna rossa

Costs for material: about 40€
Time for sewings: about 5h
















Dishcloth sweater?

Dishcloth sweater ?

Today I wear a cotton knit sweater and matching cotton top with silk details both made of Schumacher fabrics. Though my husband says the design of the sweater reminds him of a dishcloth but I like it and don’t care about him kidding… I love to combine it with small trousers in a warm toffee shade and my nude elegant and beloved heels (one last in lightblue left) both Schumacher as well. As you can see I don’t wear much accessories again – I rather prefer to dress than to decorate – and honestly spoken: I don’t have so much accessories in my portfolio…. 🙁

Yesterday I sewed this new sexy v-neck oversize shirt in red and took pictures all time long to show you how I did it – please just give me a little bit more time to train how to prepare everything to upload it for you.IMAG0717

My glittering wine red oversize sweater

Today I will sew a bit as I already cut a red t-shirt a few days ago. So I just choose my glittering red oversize sweater which I sewed a few weeks ago. Additionally I sewed a matching top in this wonderful shade of washed out wine red silk – I sewed a gorgeous dress in it as well… Both fabrics are from Schumacher which they sell directly at their factory in Mannheim saying once in a month unfortunately just during the summer 🙁
My every day jeans are from Liu Jo Jeans – still remained of the days when I had my shop and in my opinion one of the best fitting jeans for me – and my new sweet little Prada Sport summer sling flats that recently I bought at yoox. Little accessories – this would only disturb while sewing.
I hope I will succeed in doing the first tutorial by pictures… will see tomorrow…IMG_0026

My favorite summer dress by Maliparmi



This is one of my most favorite dresses from Malìparmi. It is so very simple just a blouse dress in glamorous silk. Here you can see how much important designs and prints are. If you choose the right print and be even courageous enough to combine totally different designs you will receive such a gorgeous and most of all timeless dress. I simply add some heels – Malìparmi as well – and little accessoires – and that’s it!

Contemporary elegance #sewedwithpassion