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Cool and competent

IMG_0138This is an outfit I choose when I want to convince other people of me being competent, professional and most of all cool. You can even wear it business-like with a black sharp cut blazer – mine is from Blacky Dress – or just for those days when you need some inner strength and power or even just for fun…IMG_0150

If you take it for a business look this fancy Mickey Mouse shirt adds a bit twinkling humor to your look. People will think that you don’t take everything so severe – maybe this will be a kind of irritating for some of them but be true to yourself – if you feel confident like this – wear it!IMG_0160

The shirt and trousers are from Schumacher – once more – , my cool and provocative heels from Laurèl. A label that I love very much as well, it is a so called diffusion line of Escada. Have a look at the collection – it is always amazing with its lovely colors and cool shapes and looks.

Last but not least my bag from 8 and my sunglasses from DvF.

And let me drop a line regarding my make up: If you are wearing your hair like I do today – all brushed into the face – be sure to apply enough make up onto your eyes and brows otherwise your eyes will “disappear” behind the hair – you wouldn’t believe how much dark color I painted onto my eyes this morning….?!IMG_0144

Tomorrow I will show you the same outfit in colors – see you 🙂