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Fashion and Fitness

Thanks Paige :-)

If you ever watched these runway videos or read the reports on Fashion Channel or at Youtube you wouldn’t believe that fashion and fitness do have anything in common. The models simply appear skinny and not fit. They are lean because of their genetic preposition and most of them don’t even look healthy. If you are an average person without the bless to be able to eat what you want without getting fat – well, welcome to the club. Continue reading Fashion and Fitness

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

What are your most individual dreams? Do you still remember? Or did you hide them and cover them by all that ordinary life so that you almost forgot them? Did life teach you not being worth reaching them – or did other people do so? Did you lose your self-confidence in your ability to make them true? Or did other people refuse to give you a chance? Or did you simply give up trying because of lots of failures in the past?IMAG0856

My daughter stuck this sentences on her wall and every time when I am in her room I read these lines and think of their tremendous truth. Continue reading Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

My particular Spanx experience

Gucksdu SpiegelAbove all, we – women of today – are so much lucky in order to all these incredible helpful beauty accessoires existing in our days. Simply remember what women in earlier times were confronted to accept to brighten their skin, do their hair and get in shape(wear)! So many beauty assistants are invented ever since making it so much easier to look amazing all the time. Continue reading My particular Spanx experience