Next Schumacher’s Friends Boutique will take place this Friday and Saturday, 2nd Sept, 9:30 – 18:00, and 3rd Sept, 9:30 – 15:00.


New “drugs”…

… just returning from Schumacher’s Friends’ Boutique having purchased new “drugs”…
Ideally I wouldn’t have needed any more fabrics for this summer – though on the other side…you never know ­čśë

IMG_6993 IMG_6995

Don’t forget…2

For those who were waiting for this lovely and sweet look totally in Rose by Guido Maria Kretschmer – it must be in stores now. Please consider that there are a few different collection of Guido. The one my DIY look is taken from is the couture collection of 2016 called “Bon Voyage”.19360098239_300aa0bc95

New farbrics!!!

Yesterday I was in Karlsruhe with my husband ideally just to go and see something else but my sewing room and to buy some buttons for another leather┬ábracelet I wanted to prepare and then we stepped into a fabric store…

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